Welcome to the Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling & Remote Sensing Research Group @ SUSTech. Our goal is to better understand processes governing the distributions of atmospheric species, and their implications for air quality, public health, and climate.

To this end, our research combines modeling, remote sensing, and data assimilation techniques. We work with researchers all over the world through collaborative model development, satellite missions, field campaigns, and global measurement networks.

We are part of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering at SUSTech, a new research-oriented public university in Shenzhen - the innovation center of China.

We are seeking passionate Ph.D., Master, and Undergraduate students to join the group. Please check out our Openings.

Latest News

Aug. 19, 2021

Xiaoxing Zuo (Master student) joins the group

Jul. 29, 2021

Advances in forecasting air pollution is reported by Nature Portfolio

Jul. 19, 2021

Xin Zhang (RA) joins the group

Jul. 19, 2021

Juan Li (PhD student) joins the group

Apr. 28, 2021

Song Liu (Postdoc) joins the group

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